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Art of the Renaissance Period represents a distinct shift in both art and architecture from the preceding Gothic period, a shift that was recognized by contemporary scholars and artists at that time. The impetus behind Renaissance works was a conscious effort to look to the constructed works and writings of ancient Greece and Rome in order to recreate what was perceived as an artistic golden age. Works of the Baroque Period are both a continuation and evolution of the academic and artistic pursuits of the Renaissance. Although the term "Baroque" encompasses many complex ideas, in general, artists in the 17th century embraced greater naturalism and dynamism in their works, while subject matter was influenced by factors such as the Counter-Reformation and the patronage of an emerging wealthy merchant class. In this class, students will be introduced to paintings, sculpture, and architecture of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Students will learn how to "read" these works of art while placing them within the historical moment of their creation.

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