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Imagine. Explore. Express.

Making art is easier than you think! Whether you’re interested in career or personal enrichment, taking courses as a stepping-stone to full-time studies, or just for the fun of it, we offer a wide range of short and long term courses, workshops, open studios and online courses. We offer approximately 180 courses and camps throughout the fall, winter, spring and summer terms. Join us to explore your passion.

Extended Studies is a conduit for bringing the community into NSCAD and to extend NSCAD into the greater community. At Extended Studies, we make art accessible through outreach and innovation. Our programs provide a unique opportunity to access NSCAD University’s professional equipment and facilities. We provide community access and demystify art in a supportive environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions that are not addressed above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to NSCAD Extended Studies by email at make@nscad.ca or by phone at (902) 494-8224 and we are happy to lend you hand!


What is NSCAD Extended Studies?
NSCAD Extended Studies is a department of NSCAD University that offers non-credit arts programming to the general public, including classes and workshops. We also facilitate auditing of credit classes for community members and NSCAD’s Open Studio program.


Who can take NSCAD Extended Studies classes?
Anyone! NSCAD Extended Studies classes are open to all – from hobbyists to professional artists. You do not need to be a NSCAD student to enrol, in fact these students are in the minority! Read the course descriptions to find the courses that match your interests and level of experience, or stretch yourself and see what you can achieve. If you have no experience – no problem!


Do Extended Studies courses count toward a university degree?
Extended Studies courses and certificate programs do not ladder into the University’s credit programs, but they are a great way to experience art education first hand. The work you produce can be used as part of your portfolio for entrance to NSCAD. All our courses are also a great way to try a new media without the set up costs and an invaluable way to meet new friends.


Is there an application process?
NSCAD Extended Studies courses do not have any application process or fees. Registration is open to all, and conducted on a first come, first serve basis. If you see a course on our website you’d like to register for, simply select the “Add to Cart” button, or call us at (902) 494-8224 to register!


Do you offer youth courses?
We do offer courses for children and teens! Extended Studies is pleased to offer an ever-expanding program of courses for young artists and designers aged 5 to 18 years old each semester. Teens ages 16 and up are welcome to register for most adult classes as well.

We also run week-long March break and summer day camps so that they can spend some quality time having fun, expanding their art and design experience and stretching their talents. We do not offer PD day camps at this time.


When can I register for classes?
NSCAD Extended Studies runs four terms a year:

  • Fall: September to December
  • Winter:  January to April
  • Spring: April to June
  • Summer: July and August

The deadline to register for each class falls one week before a course is scheduled to begin, and changes with each class and semester. This date is the same as the Drop or Transfer Request Deadline listed with each class. If the deadline is passed but you would like to see if it’s possible to register for a class, just contact us! If we have spaces available we will ensure that you can join the class.


How can I pay for classes?
Online: The most direct way to register and pay for courses in through our website, using a credit card. Please note that payment cannot be completed online from mobile devices, such as cellphones and most tablets.

By Phone: If you are not comfortable paying online, you can call us at (902) 494-8185 and pay using a credit card.

In Person: If you do not have a credit card, or prefer to pay using a different method, please contact us to set up an appointment for in person payment, which can be done using cash, debit, or credit card. All in person payments are taken at the Financial Services office at the NSCAD Fountain Campus, located at 5163 Duke Street, Halifax.


What discounts are available?
Extended Studies is please to offer a 20% discount to all NSCAD alumni and senior’s ages 65+. The discount can be selected from a drop down menu in the centre of the course listing at checkout.

If you have discount code, this can be used by selecting “Coupon Code Discount” from the dropdown menu at checkout and entering the code.


How do I access my T2202 tax form?
Unfortunately NSCAD Extended Studies classes are not eligible for tax credits in the province of Nova Scotia. As such, T2202 forms are not prepared or distributed to our students. If you are a NSCAD University credit student, tax forms can be accessed using NSCAD Self-Service.


Can I withdraw from a class?
The deadline for withdrawals falls one week before a course is scheduled to begin, and changes with each class and semester. This date is listed on each course page as the Drop or Transfer Request Deadline.

A refund of fees, minus an administrative charge of $25 per course, will be issued if the withdrawal request is received before this deadline for the specified course. No refund will be given for withdrawals request after the deadline has passed.


Are courses in person or online?
Both online and in person courses are available! Online classes are typically indicated in the course title, however the mode of delivery is clearly stated for all classes on each course page under the title.


Where are courses held?
In person courses and camps are held at NSCAD’s University Fountain Campus (5163 Duke Street) and Port Campus (1107 Marginal Road). The location for each class can be viewed on the course page by selecting “View Details” next to “Schedule and Location” in the information bar on the right hand side of the page.


Do I have access to NSCAD University facilities?
When in person, specific courses allow access to related facilities under the direction of the course facilitator and as outlined in the course description. However, all have access to the NSCAD University Library.

The NSCAD University Library is open to the general public. It houses a collection of over 50,000 books and periodicals in the visual and media arts, craft, fashion, and design, the NSCAD University Library is the only Library in Atlantic Canada specializing in the fine arts and design fields. The Library also incorporates a number of special collections for exhibition catalogues, artists’ books, printed matter, and rare books in specialized subject fields. A major feature of the Library is the Visual Resources Collection which has over 140,000 slides, as well as 16mm films, DVDs, videos, CDs and audio tapes. Digital images are currently available through a number of licensed image databases.

Students registered in Extended Studies courses who wish to borrow material from the library may obtain an off-campus borrower’s cards free of charge through the Libraries Nova Scotia initiative. Alternatively, patrons who present a public library card and one piece of photo ID from any public library system within Nova Scotia will gain borrowing access to the library’s collections. Please note that during semesters certain material, including reserves and media collections, is for NSCAD University degree-students, faculty, and staff use only. For information regarding library services and hours, please call 902 494.819.


How accessible are the courses?
We welcome everyone who wants to learn more about art and design and will make adaptations where possible. The Port campus is mobility friendly, and support personnel and therapy dogs are welcomed. Courses held at the Fountain and Academy campuses may not be physically accessible, depending on where in the building they are held. Please contact us for additional information.

If you require any additional supports, please let us know before you attend class so that we can ensure we have the all that you need to enjoy your class.


Where can I buy supplies?
Not all Extended Studies courses require that students purchase supplies but most do. You are welcome to use what you have, but some items are course specific. A list of required and recommended items will be sent out a week before classes begin, however you can reach out to us at any time at make@nscad.ca to inquire about specifics.

When purchasing supplies, the NSCAD Art Supply Store is a great place to start. Located in the lower level of Granville Mall at 1874 Hollis Street, the store is expected to be open Monday through Fridays, 10am to 5pm and Saturday noon to 5pm. Deserres and Michaels are a great place to purchase more general supplies, and the Loop and Patch Halifax are a terrific source for textiles and fashion classes.


If you have any further questions that are not addressed above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to NSCAD Extended Studies by email at make@nscad.ca or by phone at (902) 494-8224 and we are happy to lend you hand!



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