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Course Location Delivery Options Availability
ESYC-1401 Artful Stories (Ages 5-7) July 25-29 ESYC-1401 Port Campus Wait List
ESYC-2208 Box Town Goes Wild (Ages 8-10) July 4-8 ESYC-2208 Port Campus Available
ESYC-3201 Ceramics (Ages 11-12) July 11-15 ESYC-3201 Port Campus Wait List
ESYC-4201 Ceramics (Ages 13+) July 25-29 ESYC-4201 Port Campus Wait List
ESYC-2201 Ceramics (Ages 8-10) July 4-8, August 2-5 ESYC-2201 Port Campus Available
ESYC-4404 Character Creation (Ages 13+) Aug 2-5 ESYC-4404 Port Campus Wait List
ESYC-4407 Comics and Illustration (Ages 13+) July 4-8 ESYC-4407 Port Campus Wait List
ESYC-1201 Crafty Creatures (Ages 5-7) July 4-8 ESYC-1201 Port Campus Available
ESYC-3406 Creating Comics (Ages 11-12) July 18-22 ESYC-3406 Port Campus Wait List
ESYC-2406 Creating Comics (Ages 8-10) Aug 15-19, Aug 22-26 ESYC-2406 Port Campus Wait List
ESYC-4405 Draw and Paint en Plein Air (Ages 13+) Aug 15-19 ESYC-4405 Port Campus Available
ESYC-3402 Draw and Print Plus (Ages 11-12) Aug 8-12 ESYC-3402 Port Campus Available
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