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Spring Courses are Here!

We are so close to releasing our summer camps and courses for Summer 2024!! Stay tuned tomorrow for the drop! For now, you can take a look at our Spring offerings:

Make do and Mend

NEW! D&D&D&D: Drawing and Designing Fantasy Worlds

NEW! Expanded Drawing (14+)

NEW! Liberated Quilt Making Online

...and many more!


Get Your Summer Camp On!

We're so excited to announce our summer camps!!

We have a wide array of camps for every age:

Click Here for Camps Ages 5-7

Click Here for Camps Ages 8-10

Click Here for Camps Ages 11-12

Click Here for Camps Ages 13+


NSCAD Art Factory

The goal of the Art Factory program is to enhance art education to at-risk, marginalized, and under-represented populations, while providing valuable, cultural-sector employment, training, and community engagement opportunities to NSCAD Students. The NSCAD Art Factory makes art accessible to all. The Art factory brings the community into NSCAD, and extends NSCAD into the greater community through outreach and innovation.

Our programs provide senior students (3rd-4th year with with a strong understanding of their medium and its processes) paid training, support and mentorship in workshop development and delivery. The Art Factory provides a unique opportunity to access NSCAD University’s professional equipment and facilities of community members. Through mutually beneficial community engagement, Extended Studies works to connect with community and foster curiosity for art, making and learning.

About the Art Factory

Art Factory Programs

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