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Course Location Delivery Options Availability
ESTX-0125 Felting Warmth: Hats, Scarves, and Hand Warmers Online ESTX-0125 Online Available
ESCE-0111 Introduction to Handbuilding ESCE-0111 Port Campus Classroom Wait List
ESJW-0111 Introductory Jewellery Making ESJW-0111 Fountain Campus Classroom Available
ESCR-0121 Introductory Letterpress Printing ESCR-0121 Fountain Campus Classroom Available
ESCE-0112 Introductory Throwing ESCE-0112 Port Campus Classroom Wait List
ESJW-0311 Jewellery II ESJW-0311 Fountain Campus Classroom Available
ESCR-0113 Paper Arts ESCR-0113 Port Campus Classroom Available
ESCR-0115 Print Stitch Bind ESCR-0115 Port Campus Classroom Available
ESTX-0122 Stitched Stories: Introduction to Quilting Online ESTX-0122 Online Available
ESTX-0118 Upcycle Your Clothing ESTX-0118 Port Campus Classroom Available
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